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As Brokers who specialise in the difficult and the unusual. Lloyd's is our preferred choice for much of the business we place.

Background to Lloyd's

Over 300 years of history, the birthplace Lloyd's of Insurance in a 17th Century Coffee House, and a reputation second to none for the payment of claims. Whatever social, political or economic changes have taken place Lloyd's has always provided new types of insurance to meet new needs. They insured the first motor cars in the UK and the first ever commercial space flights (satellite launchers) and today they are at the forefront of Cyber insurance.

Lloyd's insure some of the world's largest, most unique and complicated risks from over 200 countries and territories worldwide. From oil rigs and bridges to celebrity body parts, airline, sporting events and global banks. They provide cover for over 95% if the FTSE 100 companies and over 85% of the Dow Jones industrial average companies.

Lloyd 'specialises in the risks which are hardest to value and the most difficult to understand. Understanding and pricing complex risks is the heart of the Lloyd's Insurance market- which when combined with the expertise of Lloyd Wright in creating new products leads to some very creative solutions to our client's needs.

Why Lloyds is respected in the USA

Lloyds and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906

Stability and security

Lloyd's financial strength derives from its unique capital structure. It provides excellent financial security to policyholders.

Financial stability

Financial security is crucial. It gives confidence to capital providers and peace of mind to policyholders. Lloyd's strength and robust capitalisation is reflected in its ratings. Three of the world's leading insurance rating agencies recognise Lloyd's strengths and the financial strength of the market. In 2010, all three rating agencies reaffirmed their ratings.

All Lloyd's syndicates benefit from Lloyd's central resources, including the Lloyd's brand, its network of global licences and the Central Fund. As all Lloyd's policies are ultimately backed by this common security, a single market rating can be applied. The Lloyd's financial strength ratings apply to every policy issued by every syndicate at Lloyd's since 1993.

The Lloyd's market

The Lloyd's market is home to over 50 managing agents and over 80 syndicates, which offer an unrivalled concentration of specialist underwriting expertise and talent. Business at Lloyd's is still conducted face-to-face, and the Underwriting Room is central to the smooth running of the market. The market structure encourages innovation, speed and better value, making it attractive to policyholders and participants alike. Immediate access to decision-makers means that answers on whether a risk can be placed are made quickly, enabling us to provide fast, good-value solutions.

The majority of business written at Lloyd's is placed through brokers who facilitate the risk-transfer process between clients (policyholders) and underwriters. Clients can discuss their risk needs us. Specialist underwriters for the syndicate price, underwrite and handle any subsequent claims in relation to the risk, against a proposal presentation by us on your behalf.
This diagram is a basic representation of the structure of the market and its participants. A detailed description of the participants can be found below.

Corporation of Lloyds

Lloyd's Brokers

Accredited Lloyd's brokers place risks in the Lloyd's market on our behalf for our clients. These brokers use their specialist knowledge to negotiate competitive terms and conditions for clients. Currently there are over 180 firms of brokers working at Lloyd's, many of whom specialise in particular risk categories.

Our Lloyd's Brokers

Our Lloyd's Brokers are chosen with care because of their professionalism and experience. We work with the ones who have the relevant expertise for the placement and mainly work with our chosen panel of 3 Brokers who share our philosophies and meet our clients expectation quickly and efficiently.


Our Lloyds Brokers - Others

We may from time to time utilize at our discretion other Lloyd's Brokers in specialist areas of the market particularly aviation.

Peace of Mind

We feel the utilization of Lloyd's for our placements is a good fit and provides our clients with peace of mind that their claims will be met promptly and efficiently. Lloyd's reputation is your guarantee of fair treatment. When you buy insurance from us you need to trust our advice and it in only when the claims happen that you know we made the right decision on your behalf.

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