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About Lloyd Wright - Our Philosophy
Lloyd Wright is different.

  • We are home to a remarkable range of experience in underwriting, broking and security. Experts in risk – via our links to Lloyd Guidry LLC, The Guidry Group and MAI-CEE. Global expertise – Innovative and Award Winning over many years.
  • Yes we are insurance brokers and consultants, but we are genuinely different and if you chose to contact us you will quickly understand why.
  • All our key staff have over 30 years experience in their specialities. You will only deal with these people.
  • Our London Office is based in the Lloyd's Insurance Building. We will provide you with recommendations and solutions you did not think were possible quickly and efficiently.

Our unique links with The Guidry Group and Lloyd Guidry LLC in the USA allows us to provide very cost effective solutions utilising the best route for you via our various licenses.

Lloyd Wright Consultants Ltd are registered with the UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) under license number 3606440 and are licensed for cross border transactions throughout the European Union.

Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Guidry LLC will shortly be Lloyd's cover holders as well.

Via Lloyd's Lloyd Wright can transact business World Wide. Lloyd Guidry LLC are licensed by TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) under license number 801051849 and can transact Surplus Lines business in any State of the USA.

It does not matter where you are based our licenses mean we can help you.
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